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Shipping Container Prices

The shipping container market has undergone some real expansion over the past several years. This is due, to a great part, in the increase and diversity of uses that are associated with these devices. They were at one time used only to store or to ship various items. With the emerging architectural applications, there is a much greater demand for these vessels. Whether you want to buy or to sell them, all transactions have to be classified according to the shipping container prices. The cost of a shipping container depends on the quality of each individual unit. New devices naturally cost more than used ones, but the price of used ones vary depending on their condition. Their cost is also predicated upon the service provided by the company providing them; whether they are selling them or renting them. Therefore, if one is interested in acquiring these shipping units for either purpose, those used for shipping will be categorized most commonly in this way:

ü  storage container prices for the purchase of new units;

ü  fees for renting containers for storage;

ü  prices for used storage units

Transactions Take Place Online

The transactions for both rental as well as purchasing almost all of these shipping units take place online. The term “BuyerZone” is used, and well known, by online marketers when selling, renting, or buying these kinds of holding devices. Following the transactions, the purchasers or renters are surveyed as to how their transaction went. Based on these survey responses, they create a picture of the actual shipping container rates.

Purchasing Verses Renting

These large metal storage units are very useful when a company or individual needs to store goods, or to transport these items over long distances. Whether one should purchase or rent these storage devices becomes the ultimate question. If the devices are going to be used over a longer period of time, it makes more sense to purchase the storage container. When you consider the overall shipping container’s price, if you use it properly, it may be something you can make money on. It may be a good investment to buy the transporting containers if you can afford the extended expense, and have intentions of keeping them for several years. However, if they are only going to be used on a temporary basis, then renting these storage units is probably the better solution. It’s best to do a cost analysis over the period of time the units are needed. If one is going to use them only occasionally, it may be prudent to rent them out during the other times. This could ultimately offset much of the shipping container cost.

Factors Affecting The Price

Included in each unit price is the delivery fee. The charge to the buyer will be adjusted to reflect these fees. As a result, the buyer will pick up the tab for the transport of the containers. These charges will be predicated on the distance the vendor needs to ship the containers along with the total weight of each individual one. When the storage containers are rented or leased, their price will have the delivery and pick up charges included. Additional doors, heavy-duty locks and custom painting requests are other parameters that influence the total price tag.

One of the biggest factors that will determine the cost of shipping storage containers is whether they are new or used. One motivating factor for buying new units is to assure that you are getting the best of quality. Of course the used ones are cheaper, but sometimes you may encounter other problems with a lesser quality storage unit. But, recycled containers can be reconditioned and customized so they are made to look like they are new. When going this route, the cost of a shipping container can be considerably less. In order to eliminate the possibility of getting a scrap sample, each one needs to go through a thorough examination.

Average Costs Of Shipping Units

Below are the average values attained for storage container costs for 2012:

ü  cost of shipping containers when purchasing new units: rates will vary between $2,300 and $3,300;

ü  rental price: the rental rate will fluctuate between $75 and $100, depending on the size of the container; but the additional fees for delivery, and pick up are fixed (these charges typically run $160 for the delivery and the same for pick up);

ü  the cost for purchasing used transport container units: this starts at about $500 and reaches a maximum of about $2,900, depending on the degree to which the containers have been reconditioned.

As you can see, the shipping container price can vary considerably from one container to another, depending on whether you want to buy or rent. If you manage your storage container properly, you may end up with an asset rather than a liability, and the cost of your investment may be offset by renting out the container, when you aren’t using it.

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