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Storage Container Rental

Storage container rental services provide a series of units of various sizes and types, their pricing depending on which options one chooses. For instance, if one opts for a simply refurbished model, then the price will be less expensive than a custom-designed new container rental...

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International Container Shipping

International container shipping involves moving overseas, exporting personal property such as commercial cargo, household goods, boxes, crates, appliances, pallets, manufactured goods, furniture or automobiles. Among the automobiles accepted to be shipped one can include cars, pick-up trucks, vans, full size tracks, trailers and even boats, yachts and jet-skies. In order to be efficient, international container shipping has to meet the requirements of safety and rapidity...

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Container Shipping Companies

CMA CGM is the first out of the five container shipping companies that are about to be [presented throughout this article. It was founded by Jacques R. Saade and it has become a global carrier, operating on all the world's oceans. CMA CGM's mission is not far from the actual status of the company, since its mission was to become one of the worldwide leading container shipping companies, standing out through top quality services, door-to-door solutions and increasingly comprehensive global coverage...

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Shipping Container Architecture

A recent form of architecture, shipping container architecture resorts to steel intermodal containers as structural element. Inherent strength, relatively low cost and wide availability represent reasons that have led to the emergence of this type of architecture...

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