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Container Shipping Companies

Container Shipping Companies To Deliver Your Cargoes

This article will present one of the most important container shipping companies and the services it provides to create a general idea on the profile of one such company.

CMA CGM is the first out of the five 2012 container shipping companies that are about to be [presented throughout this article. It was founded by Jacques R. Saade and it has become a global carrier, operating on all the world's oceans. CMA CGM's mission is not far from the actual status of the company, since its mission was to become one of the worldwide leading container shipping companies, standing out through top quality services, door-to-door solutions and increasingly comprehensive global coverage. Constantly expanding its portfolio of services, this company proved to be a forward-looking one, preparing for the future. Considered as the world's third largest container shipping company and ranked as first in France, CMA CGM offers a complete range of activities such as shipping, handling facilities in port, logistics on land and many others. What the company has set as its main objective is to provide the customers an innovative and proactive service which observes the principles of both quality and high performance with protection of the environment. The facts and figures reinforce the status of well-positioned group within the range of container shipping companies.


CMA CGM boasts 352 ships that circulate on 170 shipping routes. In 2009 it had achieved the performance of transporting 7.9 million TEU by means of its transport means. The network of its ports of call and container terminals spreads throughout 150 countries. The contact with Custom Services is established and enabled with the help of 650 agencies and offices around the world, 63 out of which are located only in China. The total number of employees worldwide reaches 16,400. What made CMA CGM one of the best container shipping companies is that it offers a number of specialized subsidiaries which deliver a broad range of shipping and shipping-related services. It also resorts to multimodal services, using railway, river and road transportation of freight. This company serves as a model for the other ones that are developing similar services.

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