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Shipping Container Architecture

Another use to a shipping container

A recent form of architecture, shipping container architecture resorts to steel intermodal containers as structural element. Inherent strength, relatively low cost and wide availability represent reasons that have led to the emergence of this type of architecture.

Below, the article will enumerate and describe the advantages that 2012 shipping container architecture bears.

As said above, the first would be represented by strength and durability. Designed to carry and support heavy loads when stacked in high columns, intermodal shipping containers are very durable and strong, which are perfect treats for a structural element in architecture. The material used for their construction allows them to withstand the most severe weather conditions as well as hard maneuvering. This is why they are so widely used in global transportation.

A second advantage that adds reliability to the idea of shipping container architecture resides in the fact that containers are modular. This means that all shipping containers are built according to the same standard measurements, providing modular elements which can be assembled in larger structures. This characteristic entails the benefit according to which design, planning and transport of shipping containers is simplified. Conceived to interlock to facilitate mobility during transportation, shipping containers can be just emplaced in order to complete the structural construction. In conclusion, the container's modular design reduces considerably the efforts of practically building a shipping container architecture piece.


Since the shipping containers conform to standard shipping sizes, the pre-fabricated modules can be easily loaded and transported to the architectural site.

Increased availability of shipping units across the globe allows their usage in numerous shipping container architecture projects. Many companies receive too many containers to be sent back so they remain useless unless they are used in building projects.

As for the price is concerned, the intermodal containers are far cheaper than traditional building materials such as bricks and mortar, not to say that the shipping container architecture processes require less labor than the classic type of structure constructions.

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